Exhibitions and expositions

A large block of the festival is a special one: the museum of retro computers and electronics. Rare exhibits and amazing solutions will be on display for your attention. You will have an opportunity to see for yourself the evolution of computer technology. And most importantly, you will be able to touch it. You can turn on any exhibit, examine it, and try to do something or simply play old games.

Retro computers and consoles exhibition

At the festival, an exhibition of retro computers, consoles and various equipment of the last century will be opened. RetroTech Using exhibits, you can code, play, draw, write music, anything your imagination and possibilities allow you. «RetroTech Squad», the association of retro computers and video games fans (St. Petersburg), will provide most of items for the exhibition.

SCB Research Institute «Prometheus» exhibition

In addition to the lecture, the iconic Prometheus will present 3 exhibits. Computer installation «Singing Shamail» (2000): the ancient form of Tatar calligraphy and Baki Urmanche masterpieces meet computer and together they give a new life to the classical art. Automatic light installation «Disco» (1989) and a unique synthesizer of visual images «Electronic artist» (1976). With it, the operator can «draw» various light images on a TV screen, transformed by configuration, color, brightness; and change the positive image to negative and structure it with raster filling; set a certain program of movement to light images and their pulsation. Ilnur Mustafin (media artist, staff member of the center of contemporary culture «Smena» and the SCB Research Institute «Prometheus» archive researcher) and Rushaniya Nizamutdinova (acousmatic composer and researcher) present a video performance «Electronic improvisation» based on a synthesizer of visual images «Electronic artist».

Vintage computer ads exposition

The community vk.com/zxpeсtrum48 organizes the exhibition of 70-80-s computers advertisement posters. At the exhibition, you can see advertisements for such industrial giants like Apple, IBM, Texas Instruments, and forgotten names like Radio Shack, Magnavox, Timex and many other manufacturers. Creative, funny, and sometimes naive posters will allow you to immerse yourself in the romantic era of computer pioneers.

8-bit games championship

We want to hold a several ZX Spectrum, NES (Dendy), Sega Megadrive, Vectrex, etc. games championship.

Soviet arcade machines

The company «Arcadagame» (Penza), which produces exact replicas of the legendary Soviet slot machines, will bring three their babies to the festival: «Морской бой», «Снайпер» и «Магистраль». Nostalgic memories guaranteed!