All times are in MSK (UTC+3).

24 OctThursday_css
12:00_Event_cssDoors open
25 OctFriday_css
12:00_Event_cssInfodesk begins work
12:30_Event_cssPreparty. BBQ compo [BBQ zone]
15:00_Seminar_cssROOM 206: Alexander Sharikhin (aka Pinny / Nihirash): “Spectrum on the Internet”
16:00_Seminar_cssROOM 204: Dmitry Bystrov (aka Alone Coder): “NedoOS: results of the year of collective development”
17:00_Seminar_cssROOM 206: Oleg Senin (aka bfox): “A new way to quickly play AY music on retro computers based on compressed psg dump”
18:00_Competition_cssRetro Gaming Championship - start [retro museum]
19:00_Seminar_cssROOM 204: Sergey Kosov (aka MmcM): “The magic of 8 bit sound”
20:00_Announce_cssStart fastcompo 53c. Competition Topic: Daily Life of Superheroes (Topic: Daily life of superheroes)
_Announce_cssStart fastcompo music
_Announce_cssStart fastcompo gfx. Competition Topic: Daily Life of Superheroes (Topic: Daily life of superheroes)
21:00_Event_cssOpening ceremony
_Competition_cssCAFePARTY 2019 invitations compo
0:00_Event_cssShadershow tour 1
_Event_cssMusical show: Quiet & Lenin
_Event_cssMusical show: fatalsnipe
_Event_cssDocumentaries about scene, retro etc
_Event_cssDemo show
26 OctSaturday_css
12:00_Seminar_cssROOM 206: Roman Petrov (aka Megus): “Fantasy Consoles: what is it and why? Demoscene at PICO-8 »
14:00_Seminar_cssROOM 204: Alexander Kukharenko (aka f0x): “Demos for 64k intro: principles, architecture, practical use
15:00_Seminar_cssROOM 206: Anton Nikolaev (aka D-Art) and Ilya Shirinkin (aka Nodeus): How to create a demo under Windows and not die. We use Tooll2 as a visual programming tool.
15:00_Deadline_cssAll main music compos
_Deadline_cssGame compo
_Deadline_cssProcedural gfx
16:00_Seminar_cssMain Hall: Anastasia Maksimova: “History of the experiments of SKB-NII“ Prometheus ”with light, sound, electronics and a computer”
_Seminar_cssROOM 206: Sergey Kostik (aka Raynoa): “Pixel art. New wave »
18:30_Competition_cssProcedural GFX (combined)
_Competition_css30 sec MP3 / OGG
_Competition_cssOldskool music
_Competition_cssTracked music
18:30_Deadline_cssFastcompo 53c
_Deadline_cssFastcompo music
_Deadline_cssFastcompo gfx
_Deadline_cssWild & Animation
_Deadline_cssOldschool textmode graphics
_Deadline_cssMain GFX compos
_Deadline_cssConsole Demo / Intro
_Deadline_cssOldskool Demo / Intro
_Deadline_cssNewskool Demo / Intro
19:30_Event_cssShadershow tour 2
20:00_Competition_cssOldschool textmode graphics
_Competition_cssOldskool gfx
_Competition_cssNewskool gfx
_Competition_cssFastcompo gfx
_Competition_cssFastcompo 53c
_Competition_cssFastcompo music
_Competition_cssGame compo
_Seminar_cssMain Hall: Denis Grachev (aka rook / sibCrew): “Everything you wanted to know about multicolor on the Spectrum!”
_Seminar_cssMain Hall: Alexander Kolnogorov (aka sq / skrju): “How to make a demo on ZX Spectrum in 3 days: Thesuper secret method.”
_Event_cssShadershow SEMIFINAL
_Competition_cssWild & animation
_Event_cssShadershow FINAL
_Competition_cssDemo / Intro - Newskool
_Competition_cssDemo / Intro - Oldskool
_Event_cssMusical show: Daniel Voronkov // Balalaika & Bleep-Blops
_Event_cssMusical show: kubikámi
_Event_cssMusical show: Polex (aka porno-UZI)
27 OctSunday_css
10:00_Deadline_cssVoting deadline
11:00_Seminar_cssROOM 206: Vadim Akimov (aka LVD): “ZX NET + USB: creation history and device”
12:00_Seminar_cssROOM 204: Vladimir Ivanov (VERVE Tech): “Retro consoles: everything you were afraid to ask”
_Competition_cssRetro Gaming Championship - end [retro museum]
15:30_Event_cssAfterparty [BBQ zone]
21:00_Event_cssDemo show
28 OctMonday_css
12:00_Event_cssDoors closed