The brief history of the festival

The first festival took place in late August 1999. The event was made possible thanks to the community of practice «Excess team», financial support of Vysokogorsky Computer Center («ITO Center» LLC now) and Bikmullina Larisa Vladimirovna, founder and head of the ITO Center. Marat Mansurovich Bariev, head of the state Committee for children and youth Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan, also visited the festival to congratulate the winners.

The first event drew about 100 people. They gathered in one of the Kazan recreation centers, and more than 80 competitors sent entries. Even though the organizers lacked experience, the feedback from the participants was extremely positive. And the event itself was well covered by the local media because it was something new for the city.

Thanks to tons of positive reviews, the Excess team decided to hold a second festival in 2000. Unfortunately, the festival was not as successful for several serious organizational reasons (bad timing, poor advertising, etc.) Only about 60 competitors sent in entries, but no more than 30 or 40 people came to the festival itself...

In 2001 organizers decided to cancel the festival...

2002. That year, after a complete review of what went wrong in 2000, for the first time, they made some serious changes to the event. The Republican Ministry of Youth looked at the possibilities of the event and provided serious funding to award the winners! At that time CAFe2002 became one of the first «demoparty» in Russia with cash prize winners. More than 170 participants sent in competitive works, and at least 150 people attended the festival, not only from Russia but also from across Europe. The festival found new sponsors: Parallax Computer Company, musician Salavat Fathutdinov, Kazan telephone network, Coca-Cola, Philips, even Apple (RUS) to name a few.

In 2003, the organizers wanted to repeat the success of the previous year. The team held what was perhaps the most global CAFe festival of the time. It was made possible with the help of the festival's sponsors (Philips, Parallax, Intelset, etc.) and the Republic Ministry (Andrey Kondratyev, the Deputy Minister of youth, sports and tourism for the Republic of Tatarstan, came to the official opening). A huge number of high-quality works ((more than 200) and participants joined in the fun. The warm feedback from the audience and amazing coverage by the regional media made for a huge success.

However, the enthusiasm was short lived. The Excess team did not set a date for the festival in 2004... There was a weak attempt to hold the festival in 2005. Preliminary dates were announced, but that was as far as it went. Unfortunately, for the demoscene community, the festival was canceled.

A dozen years later, in 2016, one of the organizers decided to resurrect the festival on its 20th anniversary. The Excess team along with their steady supporter OOO «ITO Center» got behind idea. For 2 years, we have systematically negotiated with some prominent representatives of the demoscene and recruited them to be the part of the organizing team. Much to our surprise, they all were all in! Now, with everyone on board, we can say that the assembled team is ready to put on a show like the world has never seen. With a talented team capable of carrying out a festival that will be truly amazing.