Musical performances

You are going to have a crazy dance party with great music every night between competitions, seminars and other «demoing». The list of confirmed musicians below.

Polex [aka porno-UZI aka SkweeeRRL aka Deeplotek] (Moscow)

Due to his music mania and love for different styles of electronic music, Polex (Alexey Popov) has very marginal musical preferences. And it is reflected in his tracks. As a DJ he plays very various music and tries to play something different in each new set. This applies to both playlist and styles. At our fest Polex will play Spacesynth. Spacesynth.

Daniel Voronkov // Balalaika & Bleep-Blops (Moscow)

Have you ever met an eight-bit reggae dub, funk or euro dance with a balalaika? Resident of the Balalaiker manufactory Danya Voronkov presents his unique experiments using the balalaika and the Game Boy retro console as a groove box. Some tracks of Dani Voronkov can be heard in his soundcloud.

Quiet & Lenin (Petrozavodsk)

Experimental project of two old friends of Dmitry “Quiet” Smirnov (samples ZX Spectrum AY music, midi controller, programming drums and bass, PO-28) and Leonid “Lenin” Koshelev (guitar). Duet playing 8 bits with an electric guitar! The guys came together in March 2019 specifically to speak at CAFe2019. ACB + Rever ON, without wooden cable holders! ? The guys have prepared a special program for our festival, and you can get acquainted with their work at soundcloud.

Fatal Snipe [Denis Pokalyuk] (Mogilyov, Belarus)

Fatal Snipe is a famous Belarusian musician, probably one of the oldest chiptune composers in the CIS. His first tracks date back as far as 1995! He has his own brand and recognizable style, he has written more than 1000 melodies. He performs only his own tracks, and each of them has a very strong aggression! The main direction is music chip AY/Yamaha. He will prepare a special festival programme, which includes a mix of his 8-bit tracks and his "tracking" compositions.

kubikámi [Artem Flow] (Voronezh)

kubikámi is cheerful rhythms and punk riffs. Basically Artem Flo writes chiptune for NES, AY, and sometimes for other platforms. Specially for CAFe2019 he brings hour-long hot dancing programme of his tracks and cover versions of the old games and «demos» tunes. Listen to his tracks on his official website. You are welcome to you to leave the request (vk) for covers and favorite tracks, and Artem will add it to his programme.

Bayaru Takshina (Kazan)

Bayaru Takshina was born in Gorno-Altaysk in 1992. She graduated from the Novosibirsk Conservatory in the composition class, is an assistant trainee in the Kazan Conservatory in the composition class. The musician works at the junction of modern academic, electro-acoustic music and video art.

Want to participate?

f you want to play your programme, please, contact us.