Tickets, accommodation and more ...


Accommodations to fit any taste
  • Economy class: facilities (shower, toilet) on the floor. 300 rub (~5€) per night for a single bed and 1200 rub (~17€) or more per night for a private room (there are 3-, 4-, 5- and 8-bedded rooms). Building №1 (see maps above).
  • Standard class: facilities (shower, toilet) in the room. 500 rub (~5€) per night for a single bed or 2000 rub (~27€) or more per night for a private room (there are 3-, 4-, 5- and 8-bedded rooms). Building №7 (see map above).

Phone reservation: +7 (967) 361-23-56. Before booking, decide what room you need (see the rooms "map"): whether you are ready to share room with other people or want to rent the whole room. Check-in - 13: 00, check-out -12:00. Phone Reservations are available 09:00-16:00 (UTC+3).


Large dining room

The prices of meal in the dining room: Breakfast 150 rubles (2€), lunch 300 rubles (4€), dinner 200 rubles (3€). Vegan and halal meals are available.


Standard tickets

Full ticket price for 3 days - 1000 rubles (14€). Children under 14 years old, accompanied by adults - free of charge. The price includes visiting all 3-day festival events: museum, seminars, musical performances, competitions, exhibitions, coffee breaks, etc. You may buy your tickets at the mail hall door. You may buy 1-day, 2-hour or «I just wanted to take a 30-minute look» ticket, but it has the same price as the full 3-days ticket. Tickets are obligatory even for the organizers.

VIP tickets

This ticket allows you to additionally get into the secret vip-zone. There you can relax, chat in silence with friends, and, importantly, there will be free drinks and snacks. The ticket is issued to everyone who takes part in the main competition and festival program, sponsors and organizers. If you do not fall into any of the categories, but want to support the festival at least financially, you can purchase a VIP ticket for 5000 rubles. (or more) at the entrance or online (indicate the communication method in the comment). Thank! ps. VIP ticket does not replace the "standard", but only complements.


The mail will be equipped with tables, chairs and outlets, so you can place your equipment, work with comfort and watch the competition program. All rooms are monitored and there will be security at the entrance, nevertheless, take care of your belongings yourself.


You can vote for your favorite competition works with paper ballot or online. Voting is available only to vote-key possessors. To get the vote-key:

  • Buy standard ticket at the entrance.
  • Buy VIP-ticket online (please, leave your contacts in comments). Thank you!
  • Contact the organizers, for example, via Telegram and inform them about your burning desire to vote and inability to come. If you are a demoscene representative, we can help you out.

Online broadcast

There will be a broadcast on our website, on, on a FB group, Twitch, Youtube channel, and probably elsewhere. Follow the news.