Almost 20 years after the first festival, the organizers CAFePARTY decided not to forget the customs that made the show to begin with. The jubilee celebration won't be carried out in a pretentious club, giant exhibition art-hall or «mega business center». Everything will be down home, cozy and family friendly, just like we like it.

Сamp «Baitik» general plan, the main competition will take place in the hall of building 1A.

You will not believe it, but we found the perfect place - a year-round computer camp for schoolchildren and students!

Computer camp «Baitik» is in a picturesque place, right outside of Kazan. Fresh air, natural setting, real forest, clean water (even from the tap!) a true pearl of Tatarstan — Blue lakes. By the way, the camp itself is one of the best educational and entertainment institutions in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Within the camp site, you will find: stables (yes, you can ride a horse), poultry yard (yes, you can feed the partridges), a football court, volleyball court, swings-slides and carousels... Three meals a day will be provided (with stewed fruit!), bunk beds (kids love them, we know!) in rooms of varying comfort categories.

Why are we telling you this? What does the demoscene have to do with that?

Everything is simple — just come with your families! If your wife or kids do not want to let you go alone, but they know absolutely nothing about the demoscene (that is your fault, by the way), they will find something to do while you are immersed in demoing!

How much do accommodation and meals cost?

  • Economy class: facilities (shower, toilet) on the floor. 300 rub (~5€) per night for a single bed and 1200 rub (~17€) or more per night for a private room (there are 3-, 4-, 5- and 8-bedded rooms). Building №1 (see maps above).
  • Standard class: facilities (shower, toilet) in the room. 500 rub (~5€) per night for a single bed or 2000 rub (~27€) or more per night for a private room (there are 3-, 4-, 5- and 8-bedded rooms). Building №7 (see map above).

The prices of meal in the dining room: Breakfast 150 rubles (2€), lunch 300 rubles (4€), dinner 200 rubles (3€). Vegan and halal meals are available.

How much is the entry ticket?

Full ticket price for 3 days - 1000 rubles (14€). Children under 14, accompanied by an adult – are free of charge. The price includes visiting events during the three-day festival: museum, seminars, musical performances, competitions, exhibitions, coffee breaks, etc. You may buy your tickets at the mail hall door.


We remind you that the camp is located outside of Kazan, about 25 km from the city center. Please, allow extra time on Friday and Saturday evening, traffic can cause delays up to 20 or 30 minutes.

Full address: Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, village Krutushka, Central St., building 1.


Taxi is the fastest and easiest, but not the cheapest way to get to the event. The average taxi fare from the Central railway Station is about 350 rubles (~5€). From the airport — 800 rubles (~12€). You can call a taxi on phone numbers: +7 (843) 510-00-00, +7 (843) 233-33-33, +7 (843) 567-15-67, +7 (843) 230-00-00. We recommend using Yandex.Taxi, TapTaxi, Uber applications.

City bus number 78

Bus schedule: Departure for Krutushka village from «Yashlek Metro Station» (former «Moscovsky rynok» bus station): 6:50, 8:30, 10:10, 13:15, 14:50, 16:10, 17:40, 19:15 (MSK, UTC+3). Departure from Krutushka village for Kazan: 6:00, 7:35, 9:20, 11:00, 14:00, 15:30, 16:55, 18:30, 20:00 (MSK, UTC+3). Visit or download Yandex.Transport application for more information. Please, remember! Bus number 78. You can reach the camp «Baitik» in 5-10 walk from Krutushka village bus stop. Follow the direction signs.

Personal transport

If you are driving your car, this information is for you. Coordinates: 55.926964, 49.206130. Link to Yandex maps, link to Google maps. Key words that will help you not to miss the necessary turn: “Shcherbakovo”, “Kadyshevo”, “Dubyazy”. When you see pointers with these strange words, be sure to check the map so as not to make unnecessary hooks.

What else do the Tatars have?

If you prefer to stay in Tatarstan longer or decide to arrive early, please visit the website. It will help you organize tour routes around the region.