First time visitor?

Do not worry. Everybody has had their first time. Relax and have fun. We guarantee you will like it!

What is a demoparty? Briefly…

This is a multimedia art festival, the celebration of creativity, which lasts 3 days. People who watch, judge and participate in various competitions related to demoscene gather in the large hall (and in other places). Demoparty is all about programming, art and music making. Even about retro (or not so retro) games. But first, demoparty is about meeting interesting people, new friends and bright impressions.

What is demoscene?

It is a subculture of creative individuals (programmers, designers, musicians, etc.) who make digital art. Read more here.

What is going on out there?

DJ sets, seminars, work exhibits, live contests, votes, Mortal Kombat championships, the fastest Coke drinker challenge, «Amiga!»... Well, lots of things. The main action takes place in the main hall. We watch the competition works on the big screen, vote, discuss. Check out the seminar schedule and programme to plan your weekend in advance.

What is displayed on the screen? For example, here is a playlist with the best Demo works of 2018.

I am not a demoscener! May I come?

Of course! If you have the slightest interest digital art in one form or another, you should definitely come! Moreover, you can take part in one of the «fastcompo», where you will not need any special skills. Check out the competitions.

What to do at night?

You can go home for the night. You can book a bed and sleep. You can dance all night long to the DJs music or sit by the fire in the barbecue area. The choices are endless.

What about food and drinks?

A huge dining room with first-class dishes is at your service. There is a small shop with snacks, where you can find some drinks, too.

Can I vote?

All guests and participants of the festival can and should vote. Perhaps you may think that you do not understand the criteria for evaluating works. In this case, you may ask for a brief overview or simply vote just as your "inner artist" feels. It is fine.

How to get there?

You may find detailed direction information in the Partyplace section, at the bottom of the page.

What is the admission fee?

Full ticket price for 3 days - 1000 rubles (14€). The price includes visiting all 3-day festival events: museum, seminar, musical performances, competitions, exhibitions, coffee breaks, etc. There is also a VIP-ticket that allows you to enter a special secret zone, the cost is just 5000 rubles (75€). The sponsor ticket price has the same price - 5000 rubles or more. You may buy 1-day, 2-hour or «I just wanted to take a 30-minute look» ticket, but it has the same price as the full 3-days ticket. And yes, children under 14 are free of charge, but they must be accompanied by an adult.

By the way, you can get a free pass to the VIP-zone. For this you need to be a member of the main competitions («CAFePARTY 2019 invitations», Game compo, Intro/Demo, etc.). Seminar speakers, musicians on the main stage are also the VIP’s.

What is the VIP zone, what is its purpose and why is there such an expensive ticket? It is simple. It is a quiet room with drinks and snacks for demosceners. There you can relax from the festival hustle and bustle, talk in a quiet place and most importantly work on your competitive entry in peace. The main action is in the main hall, barbecue area and seminar rooms so don’t missing anything!