An important direction in conducting any "demoparty" is a block of seminars. As the festival program is being compiled, we will post here a detailed description of all topics. Follow the news!

Recordings of past seminars

How to make a real demo right in the browser: Exploring

sq/skrjuAlexander "sq" Kolnogorov (St. Petersburg) will tell you how to make a full-fledged multi-platform newschool demo on your own in a regular browser, without programming skills, and having nothing else but Chrome / Firefox and a great desire to create. We will take the first step into the magical and bottomless world of demomaking, starting with the simplest and most accessible tool at the moment: a browser demo tool In the workshop, we'll discuss how to come up with an effect, render it, sync it to the music, and put it all together, resulting in a small but complete demo.

workshop: First shader in bonzomatic

Иван Дианов (зачинщик Генклуба и преподаватель дата-арта в Вышке): «Начнём с градиентов и кружочков, закончим фракталами. Занятие интерактивное, будем сразу пробовать всё в деле. Приносите ноутбуки с установленным бонзоматиком».

Группа до 16-ти человек. Необходима предварительная запись! Присылайте ФИО и номер телефона на с темой «Dianov Bonzomatic».

How to develop a computer yourself and bring the development to the end

CHRV soldering Roman "CHRV / NedoPC" Chunin (Moscow) will talk about the experience of developing computer hardware for ZX Spectrum clones and working in a team of amateur developers. A separate topic will be revealed the history of the creation of the ZX Evolution computer.
  • A Brief History of the Creation of the NedoPC Team
  • What skills are needed to create modern hardware, what equipment is needed for modern amateur "computer building"
  • The history of the creation of the ZX Evolution. Interesting facts and solutions
  • Issues of the operation cycle of amateur equipment - production, sales, support
  • What is the NedoPC team doing now, what are the plans and projects

Programming on BASIC for the MSX platform для детей

Смотрители Яндекс Музея в простой и понятной форме покажут, как программисты разрабатывали компьютерные игры 40 лет назад.

Дети смогут познакомиться с простыми геометрическими фигурами, цветом, звуком и основными принципами программирования игры «Змейка».

Возраст: от 12 до 15 лет.

The making of: HALL 4000, Right Hemisphere, Good Apple

ManweAlexander "Manwe" Machugovsky (Moscow) will talk about the creation of 4-kilobyte intros "HAL 4000" and "Right Hemisphere" for Windows and MacOS, as well as the creation of a demo "Good Apple" for the Soviet computer BK 0011m.

  • Idea
  • Atmosphere
  • Maths
  • Tools
  • The code
  • Product
  • Name
  • cultural footprint

Fantasy consoles and WebAssembly. Their impact on the demoscene and "sizecoding"

Anton D-ArtAnton "D-Art" Nikolaev (Mogilev, Republic of Belarus) will tell you about fantasy consoles: what is it, what types of consoles are there, what are their similarities and differences from "real hardware" emulators, what programming languages are used in them ( LUA, C/C#, JS, Python)…

The topic of the Webassembly language, an assembler for Internet browsers, will also be touched upon. Let's dwell on the open-source fantasy consoles TIC-80, Wasm4 and MicroW8.

Let's figure out how to assemble a product for "demoparty" out of all this. Let's have a small workshop with realtime conding and create a 256 byte intro for the CAFePARTY contest program.

Master class in pixel graphics for children

Смотрители Яндекс Музея научат детей рисовать на ретрокомпьютере с низким разрешением и ограниченным набором цветом. 

Участники познакомятся с основными приёмами пиксельной графики и увеличения зрелищности рисунков — можно будет выбрать персонажа, изобразить его и всем вместе придумать его историю. 

Возраст: от 9 до 12 лет.

Classic render pipeline step by step

f0xAlexander "f0x" Kukharenko (Krasnoyarsk) will talk to you about how rendering works in games and demos, with a detailed analysis of the source code of each stage of the pipeline. In focus:

            • light in movies and games
            • general principles of rendering (ldr and hdr)
            • image-based lighting (ibl)
            • writing a lighting shader (pbr)
            • post-processing: tone mapping, bokeh, special effects
            • cinema and games are the origins of problems and technologies

Games for adults on ZX Spectrum (18+)

Shuran33Alexander "Shuran33" Budkin (Kirzhach / Vladimir region) will talk about such an unusual phenomenon as erotic games for computers of the ZX Spectrum family. When they appeared on the platform, how they developed, their features and differences from other home computers.

“At the seminar, you will learn about ZX games of the last century, which were not available to the general public due to their subject matter. They were not included in the tops and popular collections of games, they were not written about in magazines, their formation took place in a special way. How are things with this genre in modern times? I will open this curtain of uncertainty for you.”

Recordings of seminars from 2019