Music performances

Let's dance!

Every night, between competitions, seminars and other “demeaning”, you have to hang out properly to great music. You can see the full list of confirmed musicians below, closer to the festival. Do you want to take part? Contact us!

Also you can see musicians who performed with us last time.

Alexander "GearX2" Shishkanov (St. Petersburg)

St. Petersburg guitarist, performer of metal covers for music from computer games and films. One of the locomotives of VGM, GearX2 does not hide from the public and willingly performs live at Russian festivals and conventions. The program of performances is constantly updated, changed and overgrown with new melodies - both classical and from new hits.

You will find a powerful sound, crazy energy and a stream of pure nostalgic emotions!

Denis "FatalSnipe" Pokalyuk (Mogilev, Belarus)

AY and demoscene composer. Demoscene thesuperDJ! In constant search for something new. He loves music and presents it to the audience in the way he considers the only true one.

It has its own musical style, but it can manifest itself in different ways. Currently involved in projects on the ZX-Spectrum, Amiga, PC and BK. 

fatalsnipe's digital image: "If you're serious, then you should maintain your image and keep your style!"

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Sinto Brass aka porno-UZI (Moscow)

Great-nephew of Tinto Brass, captain of the spaceship Raft of Love,  named at birth by the name of Shinto. 

At the time “when spaceships plow the expanses of the Bolshoi Theatre”, the “Raft of Love” under the control of Shinto Brass will enter the lower layers of the atmosphere in the Kazan region, lay a course to the Baitik camp, and then sublimate sexual energy into the energy of love with spicy italo -disco color and will emit the sounds of welcoming spacesynth, as a sign of good intentions to the earthlings.

Demoshow by Zeebr/deMarche (Dzerzhinsk)

Sound is one of the most important components of an exciting demo. Welcome to a nightly show assembled from demos, accented with broken rhythms, deep bass and powerful synths. Watch this and move your ass on the dancefloor!

VRUMZSSSR (г.Санкт-Петербург) [CANCELEFD]

Founder of 8-bit non-commercial music label BleepLove. CHIPTYUN project from the northern capital! Game Boy - LSDJ, Polyend Tracker. Tracker music from video game consoles. Emotional presentation of youth hits in unusual arrangements!

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