Prize fund

Cash Prizes

Three prize-winning places in each nomination are awarded with prize cups, diplomas, memorable gifts and prizes from sponsors. Some categories (eg "demo") will also share the prize fund, which is made up of money, according to a simple formula: Income minus expenses divided by the number of winners, taking into account the occupied place factor (50/30/20). Revenue is money raised from tickets and sponsorships. Expenses are the total financial cost of running an event.

Prize figurines and diplomas

Lamp clock by ferradesign

Ferradesign LLC manufactures original handmade tube clocks (Nixie clock). Made in retro style, they will become a real decoration of the interior. The use of genuine gas-discharge indicators, produced back in the USSR, and noble woods make the product truly exclusive. At least five winners will receive this designer watch with a commemorative engraving.

Warm, "tube" sweaters and scarves

What could be cooler than a good, woolen sweater? Only a good wool sweater with a great retro pattern! Our friends from Sweaterrarium decided to support us and give their chic works as prizes. And if you don’t want to wait or dream of a gift with your drawing, then when ordering, name the secret promo code “cafeparty” and get a bonus. Below you can see examples of sweaters, and for the festival itself, the guys will try to prepare prints on more "stage" themes 🙂

Legendary books from Bitmap Books

Bitmap Books is a British publishing house founded by graphic designer Sam Dyer, specializing in the release of high-quality books about various retro platforms. The books consist not only of screenshots and game covers, but also contain interviews, curiosities, curiosities, and other information from artists, programmers, and publishers of cult games. Sam sent us some books that will be awarded to the winners of some categories.

Do you want to help the festival?

If you are ready to become a partner or sponsor by providing gifts for our members, Contact us!

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