General information and rules

What is "demopathy"?

Demoparty is a multimedia art festival - a celebration of creativity, which in our case lasts 3 days and 2 nights. In the large hall (and not only) people gather who watch, evaluate and participate in various competitions in one way or another related to demoscene. This is programming, and drawing, and creating music ... In general, this is an audio-visual art, sometimes with voluntary technological restrictions. But first of all, demoparty is communication with interesting people, new friends, new impressions, new knowledge and just a good time.

What is a demoscene?

This is a subculture consisting of creative individuals (programmers, designers, musicians) who create digital art. More details in a special section.

What exactly is going on there?

Performances by "chiptunes" of musicians, DJs, seminars, screenings of works on the big screen, "live" contests (like the best shish kebab), selection of the best contest entries, debates about why Windows must die, but Amigaaaaa! rulez, the Mortal Kombat championship, who will drink 2 liters of cola faster, the tales of the "grandfathers" about how it was "old time", Amigaaaa again !!!…. yes a lot of things. The main action takes place in a large hall. We watch the contest works on the projector, vote, we communicate and we discuss everything that is happening and has happened in the computer industry ... Study the schedule, programs of seminars, concerts in order to plan your leisure time in advance. What is shown on the screen? For example, here is a playlist with the best Demo works of the past years.

I'm not a demoscene! I can come?

Certainly! If you are even a little interested in computer or gamedev history and culture, audio, visual art or modern (or even vintage) digital technologies in general, then you should definitely come! In addition, there are competitions where the entry threshold is not so high. You may well take part in a gaming tournament or one of the "fastcompo" - check out competitions. Well, do not forget that those who evaluate the work are a very important component of any demoparty. To finally dispel doubts, come to our Telegram chat.

Can I bring my own equipment?

Certainly! This is normal practice. In the main hall there will be WiFi, tables and chairs for those who decide to bring their modern or retro computer, laptop, console, etc… You can take one seat, perhaps decorate it somehow, install your equipment and leave it overnight (please bring an extension cord with you). The place will be yours, and the hall is under round-the-clock video surveillance. In general, we are thinking about encouraging those who bring and will place own equipment, but have not yet figured out how. By the way, at large Western parties, a bunch of monitors in the dark is a common thing.

What to do at night?

You can go home for the night. You can book a room alone or with friends and sleep peacefully. You can hang out all night until morning listening to chiptune music or sit by the fire with a guitar in the barbecue area. You can put your computer in the main hall and create or play "dumets" with someone over the network. The choice is yours. There are no strict restrictions on the time of presence in the hall. The main thing to observe general rules of conduct.

What about food and ... all kinds of drinks?

In the main hall withnew will be organized a small, free tea-coffee-cookies area. A large canteen with full meals is at your service in the same building, as is a small shop with snacks and soft drinks. Open drinking of alcoholic beverages is not allowed in the main hall, and especially in the exhibition area. For these purposes, it is better to use the barbecue area or VIP Scene Lounge area. As a last resort, use concealment containers paper bags. Thanks for understanding.

Can I vote? How?

All guests and participants of the festival can and must vote. Perhaps it seems to you that you do not understand the criteria by which the work should be evaluated, then you can ask for a brief educational program, or vote subjectively, as your "inner artist" thinks. This is fine. Everyone does it 🙂 Voting is carried out online or on a paper vote-list, which you will be given along with a bracelet ticket at the entrance. There will be a QR code on the vote-list, by which you can open online voting and then you can rate from your phone or laptop. This code is unique, take care of it. You can also vote “in the old fashioned way” on the issued sheet with a pen, but do not forget to hand in the voting sheets immediately after the end of the competition day.

How to get there?

Detailed information on how to get to us is at the end of the section on venue.

What's the cover charge?

The cost of a regular ticket for all days is 1000 rubles. (€14). The price includes the opportunity to visit all events: seminars, musical performances, competitions, exhibitions, museums and even tea-coffee-cookies zone, all days. There is also a VIP ticket for 5000 (or more) rubles, the owner of which receives a special sponsor's T-shirt and will be able to enter a special secret VIP Scene Lounge zone. You can also buy a ticket for 1 day, 2 hours or “I just have to watch 30 minutes”, but its cost is the same as for all days. Children under 14 years old are admitted free of charge, but only when accompanied by an adult. The event is non-commercial! All collected facilities going to cover related expenses and cash prizes in some categories. By the way, we are always glad to any sponsors and partners.

VIP Scene Lounge

To have access to the VIP Scene Lounge zone, you need to be a participant in the main competition program (except for separately specified competitions, see below). Rules). Or be a sponsor, partner, seminar speaker, main stage musician or even organizer.

What is the VIP zone, what is it for and why is it so difficult to get there? Everything is simple. This is a quiet room with all sorts of drinks and snacks for demosceners. There you can take a break from the bustle of the festival, talk in silence and calmly work on your competition work. Yes, the main action will take place in the main hall, barbecue area and seminar rooms, but it is better to take a glass of tea with "grandfathers" in VIP Scene Lounge!

Schematic map of the main hall


General rules of conduct

Without them, nowhere. A must-read for all visitors:

  • If you have lost something, go to the information desk / reception.
  • If you find something, bring it to the information desk / reception (Thank you!).
  • If you have a question, read these rules, and if you did not find the answer, then go to the information desk / reception.
  • The cafeteria is open on schedule. We recommend learning it by heart on the first day.
  • It is strictly allowed to sing along, grin loudly, shout "Amigaaa!" etc. during the showcase.
  • If you have lost, torn, broken, eaten a pass ticket - buy a new one. It's nothing you can do. But you will have two vote-sheets.
  • If you don't like the voting system, make your party with your blackjack. Hundreds of spears have been broken in this field, and we decided as we decided. Please accept this.
  • It is not recommended to use a public WiFi network to download your favorite torrents and movies - this may affect the quality of the online stream. There are many of you, few channels 🙁 
  • If you decide to sleep in the main hall or the VIP Scene Lounge, remember not to sleep in the aisles, under tables or on tables. These are fire safety rules.
  • If you are an extreme and decide to put up a camping tent, be sure to coordinate the camping site with the organizers!
  • Are you not allowed into the VIP Scene Lounge area? Check again - participants of the main competition program, lecturers, organizers, etc. have access there. Perhaps you can get access only for a sponsorship fee. More
  • It is strictly forbidden to make noise in residential buildings after 22:00 - remember, children can sleep there!!! But all night long you can hang out in the outdoor barbecue area, the main hall or the VIP Scene Lounge!
  • Any rubbish we carry in the trash cans and bags. If the baskets and/or packages are full, inform the organizers/volunteers.
  • If you have any household questions (hair dryer, iron, kettle ...), wishes and situations, please contact the administrator of your building.
  • Smoking is allowed only in designated areas.
  • The appearance in strong alcohol intoxication affects karma. Control yourself.
  • Campfires are allowed only in designated areas.
  • It is prohibited to carry and use any narcotic and psychotropic drugs.
  • Please do not create obstacles and obstacles in the work of the camp staff.
  • It is not allowed to enter office premises, on the roof, fire escapes.
  • It is forbidden to use pyrotechnics and fireworks, including homemade ones, on the territory of the camp.
  • It is not allowed to bring into the camp and use self-defense equipment that can cause physical harm, including firearms and cold weapons, flammable, flammable, explosive, poisonous, odorous and radioactive substances, piercing, cutting, large-sized objects, gas and pepper spray, stun guns , any items that outwardly resemble prohibited items or their copies and analogues.
  • It is forbidden to cause any material damage to the movable and immovable property of the camp and third parties located on the territory and on infrastructure facilities.
  • You are allowed to have a great time.
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