Computer Festival in Kazan

Demoparty October 21-23, 2022!

CAFePARTY is back! The long-awaited action will take place on October 21, 22, 23, 2022, on the territory of the Baitik camp (Krutushka village, Kazan).

The competition program of the Festival affects the maximum number of platforms - be sure to check out nominations.

See also list of exhibitors/visitors и обязательно отметьте там себя! Потом не забудьте забронировать жильё.

You can check out history festival or prizes who provided our sponsors. We also have a section dedicated to demoscene in case you don't know her at all. There are all sorts social clubs and channelswhere you can chat with participants and organizers.

Of course, we have sections about seminars, exhibition-museum, musical speeches and even has an approximate timetable. But the information there is incomplete - everything is in the process of filling.

What happened in 2019?

And what was before?

The festival was first held in 1999… whole lamp story →

2022 Invitation

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