Browser game compo

Within the framework of the festival, a special competition of the best games for web browsers is held. Prize pool: 140 000 rub (I place - 80 000 rubles., II - 40 000 rubles., III place - 20 000 rubles.)

Detailed terms

Competition NameWeb game compo
Name of the organizerSuhba-technology SL
The purpose of the competitionAttraction by the company of developers for further cooperation and conclusion of contracts.
Competition DatesBeginning of the competition: at 09:09 Moscow time 09.09.2019;
Deadline: no later than 15:30 Moscow time 10/26/2019;
the beginning of the festival visitors' voting: with the beginning of the show;
beginning of the jury voting: at 18:00 Moscow time on October 26, 2019;
end of the festival visitors' voting: at 09:59 Moscow time on October 27, 2019;
end of the jury voting: at 09:59 Moscow time on October 27, 2019;
Competition Venue Full address: Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, pos. Krutushka, st. Central, 1 
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Who can participate in the competition?Any resident of the planet earth who has reached the age of 14 years (presence at the competition only with parents or with an official guardian) with the exception of the jury. A participant can act both individually and as a team. If the team wins the competition, the prize will be awarded to the whole team.
The task. What the participant needs to do and how to receive a prizeYou need to develop a copyright free game for the web platform. The game should not be a continuation of the game, encumbered with copyright or made for its reasons. The game should not be published before the announcement of the results of the competition. Also, the game should not participate in other competitions or exhibitions, both earlier and during the competition.
Technical requirements for the game:
The game should run on all known browsers with an update not earlier than 2017;
The programming language can be any of the games available for creating Web games;
There are no genre restrictions;
To submit a game to the contest, you must:
Competition entries are accepted through the website and by e-mail:;
The finished game must be loaded no later than 09:09 Moscow time on 10/20/2019.
Winner selection criteriaParticipants of the festival and a special jury vote for the work. The jury gives each participant three ratings on a ten-point scale: for graphics, sound and gameplay. All three ratings add up to the number of points scored by the audience. The contest is won by three participants who scored the most points according to the results of the jury's assessment. If several participants scored the same number of points, the winner is determined by the chairman of the jury. 
Prizes for each prize. If prizes are in kind, indicate their valueWinners receive prizes:
for I place - 80 000 rubles;
for II place - 40 000 rubles;
for III place - 20 000 rubles; 
Prize amounts are indicated after withholding personal income tax. The amount of personal income tax is paid by the organizer of the competition in accordance with the tax legislation of the Russian Federation.
For winners - non-citizens of the Russian Federation, the prize is paid in foreign currency (dollars or euros) at the rate established by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date of payment.
Summing up the competitionSumming up the competition will take place no later than October 27, 2019 by publishing the results of the competition on the competition website.
Who provides the prizesPrizes are awarded and awarded by Suhba-Technology SL Sponsor
How prizes are awardedPrizes are awarded to the winners by the contest organizer by presenting cash and memorable prizes.
Rights created by game participantsThe provision of the results of intellectual activity (RID) by uploading to the contest website means the Participant agrees that from the moment of such upload the Participant provides the Organizer with a free, simple (non-exclusive) license in respect of the downloaded RID. Under this license, the Organizer has the right to publish the RID, as well as to use the RID through reproduction, processing and adaptation, public display / performance, bringing to the public on the Internet. The provision of such a license is a prerequisite for participation in the competition. The license is granted in relation to the territory of all countries of the world and for the entire duration of the exclusive rights to RID. The Participant also agrees that the name / pseudonym of the Participant and the name of the RID indicated when loading the RID will be used as the name / pseudonym of the author of the RID, as well as the name of the RID.